Spa Oasis offers the Body Slim program to help build a healthier, leaner, and happier you. It is possible to achieve your goals as long as you get your mind and body working together – and working for you.

  • Complete Detox

    Detoxify and rebalance your body’s elimination system.
    • Marine exfoliation or digestive massage
    • Lymphatic Drainage with essential oil
    • Detox & Slim wrap
    • Infratherapy or Frigitherapy
    • Detox tea
    90min $179 Package: 6 treatments $960
  • Anti-Cellulite Care

    Say goodbye to cellulite and unwanted inches.
    • Marine Salt exfoliation
    • Anti-Cellulite therapy
    • Green Coffee body wrap
    • Infratherapy
    • Detox tea
    90min $179 Package: 6 treatments $960
Book a Beauty & Wellness consultation and let us help bring your body into balance
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