Experience a healthy, serene pregnancy.

Shaping your child’s environment starts now, before its birth. Your mental and physical states highly influence how the fetus grows and how the baby develops after it’s born. The food you choose, the lifestyle you live, to the emotions you experience may impact your baby’s health, preferences, and personality.

Stress during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a frightening or anxiety filled period, leading to stress. Stress hormones created in the mother’s body pass through to the fetus, and can possibly lead to an increased chance of stress, ADHD, and hyperactivity in the child.

Mothers who participate in stress reduction and relaxation offer themselves and their babies a calm environment in which to grow during pregnancy.

Prenatal Program

Now you can:
  • Reduce stress and balance your emotions.
  • Relieve tension and muscle pain.
  • Diminish the symptoms of water retention and heavy legs.
  • Adopt a healthy, balanced diet for pregnant woman.
  • Engage in a workout for mother-to-be.
  • Decrease weight gain tendency.

Come and experience our prenatal program for better health during pregnancy.

Healthy mothers, healthy babies
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