Stress and excessive use of our body and brain deplete body energy and systems. Like good nutrition and regular exercise, body works help recharge our batteries and promote total wellbeing.

Spa Oasis offers the Body Balance program to help balance your body systems and allow you to have a healthier, more balanced lifestyle

Spa Oasis’ massage specialists are all registered massage therapists, highly experienced and trained to meet your specific needs. Insurance receipt may be provided upon request.


  • Swedish

    Relax your mind and body, and enhance body circulation with long, flowing strokes.

    30min $40 60min $65 90min $95
  • Hot Aromatherapy

    Let the combination of the aroma and our therapist alleviate fatigue and stress with our signature essential oil blend. This complex of mandarin, ylang ylang, and tangerine extracts rebalances the sympathetic nervous system.

    60min $95 90min $135


  • Deep Tissue

    Relieve temporary tension in the muscle and connective tissue.

    30min $50 60min $80 90min $120
  • Medical Massage

    Treat chronicle pain and severe tension in the muscle and connective tissue by targeting muscle knots and unblocking body circulation.

    30min $55 60min $85 90min $130
  • Hot Stone

    Feel the warmth and be healed. Let the heat of volcanic stones detoxify your body and relieve muscle pain and stress.

    60min $95 90min $135
  • Hot Stone Medical

    Get revived by our signature massage which combines the benefit of volcanic stones and medical massage for a complete deep treatment of your body.

    90min $149


  • Reflexology

    Bring your body and mind to a state of deep relaxation. This hand and foot therapy stimulates the body’s healing process, reduces stress, and improves sleep quality.

    30min $55 60min $85
  • Sport Massage

    Prepare your body for optimal performance, recover after intensive physical activities, and relieve tension in muscle and connective tissue.

    30min $55 60min $85 90min $130
  • Lymphatic Drainage

    Cleanse and rejuvenate your body. This gentle therapy eliminates toxins and water retention, improves immune system, and increases metabolism.

    60min $108 90min $149
  • Prenatal

    Experience a serene pregnancy. Relieve stress, back pain, and swelling legs.

    60min $85 90min $130
  • Traditional Chinese

    Reduce tension and stimulate circulation by unblocking Chi flows through the meridians.

    60min $85 90min $130
  • Thai Acupressure

    Eliminate stiffness and rebalance body energy through the fusion of yoga positions and acupressure techniques.

    60min $85 90min $130
  • Balancing Meridian Treatment

    Find your balance. Enhance body systems and Chi flows to improve your body’s overall wellness.

    60min $120 90min $160
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