Offer a serene escape with a spa gift card from Spa Oasis, Montreal's urban oasis. The greatest gift of all is a gift for better health and wellness. Spa Gift Cards | Body Mind Wellness Gift | Montreal Saint Laurent


Sometimes, the greatest gift is the gift of relaxation.

Offer a serene escape with a gift card from Spa Oasis. The perfect gift to mark any special event, whether a Birthday or to say Thank You to your loved ones, a Spa Oasis gift card is always a welcome surprise.

Buy your gift card by telephone at 514-747-1111, or in person at the spa.

Receive your gift cards by one of the following options :

  • On site: come by and pick up your gift-wrapped Spa Oasis card.
  • By regular post: delivery within 4 or 5 business days.
Spa Oasis Gift Card | Give a gift of better health and wellness with a spa gift certificate card at Montreal Spa Oasis Saint Laurent
A gift for better health and wellness,
Spa Oasis gift card
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