Just a few steps away from a healthy, beautiful skin

STEP 1: Get to know your skin conditions.

Get a VISIA skin analysis to have an in-depth view of the many layers of your skin. Let us help you target the roots of your skin conditions.
  • Dry Skin and Dehydration
  • Sensitive Skin and Rosacea
  • Oily Skin, Combination Skin, and Acne
  • Skin prone to Pigmentation
  • Mature Skin

STEP 2: Treat and maintain your skin according to your needs.

Spa Oasis offers a personalized skin maintenance program to treat your unique skin conditions, protect against environmental assaults, and prevent premature aging.
Let our Skin specialists take care of the health and beauty of your skin.

For advanced skin condition treatment or anti-aging treatment, please consult Medical Aesthetics.


  • Teen Care

    For all skin types, teens under the age of 16. Deep cleanse and promote a healthy complexion.

    30min $59
  • Oasis Classic Facial

    For all skin types. Deep cleanse and restore the skin’s balance levels. An ideal monthly regiment to maintain a healthy skin.

    45min $69
  • Men’s Purifying Care

    Exclusively for men. Hydrate and soothe the skin, clear blackheads and alleviate ingrown hairs.

    60min $95


  • Hydro Plus

    For normal to dry skin, or dehydrated skin. Provide immediate and lasting moisture to the skin.

    45min $85
  • Purifying Detox

    For oily skin, combination skin, or skin prone to acne. Purify oily, clogged skin, and leave it fresh and smooth.

    60min $95
  • Calming Care

    For sensitive skin or skin prone to redness or rosacea. Soothe irritated skin, visibly minimize redness and protect skin from climatic and environmental damages.

    60min $108
  • Radiance

    For all skin types or skin prone to pigmentation. Lessen the effect of discoloration, brighten the complexion, and restore the skin’s radiant glow.

    60min $128
  • Calming Detox

    For all skin types. Complete deep treatment of the skin to detoxify, oxygenate, and restore its natural protective barrier.

    80min $149


  • Lift Defense

    For all skin types or mature skin. Improve the appearance of your skin’s tone and texture for a instant face lift.

    60min $119
  • Fountain of Youth

    For all skin types or mature skin. Stimulate the cell renewal process and restructure the epidermis to improve elasticity. Powerful botanical ingredients tighten pores, smooth lines and give the skin an immediate and long lasting lift.

    90min $169


  • Lifecell Eye Treatment

    Ease puffiness, improve tone and hydrate the delicate skin around the eye.

    15min $30
  • RF Eye Enhancement

    Provide instant lift and visibly reduce fine lines, puffiness, dark circle around the eye

    20min $69
Book a Beauty & Wellness consultation and let us help
bring your skin into perfect balance.
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