Our skin’s natural protective barrier is often damaged by environmental assaults, leaving the skin dry and depleted from vital minerals and vitamins. This makes it necessary to protect and maintain your skin according to the change in season.

Ask for our seasonal body treatments!

  • Marine Salt Exfoliation

    Rediscover silky soft skin.
    Marine salt sweeps away dead cell buildup and unblocks pores,
    leaving your skin smoothe and refreshed.

    30min $60
  • Classic Body Care

    Restore hydration and radiance to dry, dull skin.
    Rassoul mud delivers rich minerals and restores vital moisture for skin health.
    Treatment: Marine Salt exfoliation,
    Rassoul body wrap, and infratherapy.

    60min $110
  • Detox Body Care

    Detoxify and improve microcirculation of depleted skin. Algae eliminates toxins and excess fluid from cells and improves cellular metabolism.
    Treatment: Marine Salt exfoliation, Detox Seaweed body wrap, and infratherapy.

    Add comedon extraction, 15min $20 (Optional) 60min $135
  • Oasis Rejuvenation

    Defy the aging process.
    Papaya and pineapple enzymes nourish dehydrated skin and stimulate the cell regeneration process, preventing premature aging and sun damage.
    Treatment: Marine Salt exfoliation, Tropical Oasis body wrap,
    and infratherapy.

    60min $135
  • Anti-Cellulite Care

    Say goodbye to cellulite and unwanted inches. Micronized green coffee breaks down fat, increases body metabolism, and eliminates toxins and water retention.
    Treatment: Marine Salt exfoliation, Anti-Cellulite massage, Green Coffee body wrap, and infratherapy.

    6 treatments $960 (save $114) 90min $179
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